Claire and Marley’s Duck Cupcakes

written by cookeatlove on August 26, 2010 in Dessert with 7 comments

I came home the other day and my entire kitchen was duck mayhem.  There were wings, beaks, eyes, icing, decapitated marshmallow heads everywhere.  It was a complete slaughter, like a fox in a duck pond.  But there, in the middle of the war zone, was my daughter Claire and her friend Marley explaining to me that they were making Duck Cupcakes and they knew exactly what they were doing.  They had donned the persona of experts, knowing probably that at some point the look of expertise was imperative when facing the first adult that came into the kitchen.  Marley has a book from a fabulous company called Hello Cupcakes.  I had never heard of it before but was experiencing it in a way I did not expect.  My only words were, “sounds great…you know you guys are cleaning up the kitchen when you’re done, right?”.   In the picture above, is the final product.  Now, I would be remiss (liar) if I told you that they all looked like this.  I think there were 4 great ones and 9 good ones in a batch of 24.  The title ‘Great’ applies to any that had wings, beak, tail, and was actually the color yellow.  ‘Good’ applies to the ones that had no color but had head, tail, eyes and beak.  The rest I have taken some pictures of below, there is do definition for these.  However, all this to say, I was very proud.  They were in the kitchen baking and that always, always makes me happy.   They also took all the photos for this “shoot” except for the final products and the “rejects” pictures at the bottom.

Duck Cupcakes-according to Claire and Marley.

Make cupcakes following package instruction.  They just used a pre-mix for cake mix.

Cut the tops of each of the cupcakes

Use scissors and cut marshmallow diagonally for the tails.  Use other marshmallows and cut them so they look kind of round for the head (they didn’t have timbits for heads like the recipe suggested).  Some ducks are supposed to be upside down but this concept completely alludes me.

Use yellow food coloring to add color to the wings and feet (for the upside down ones).

Thankfully, I have provided a video link from Hello Cupcake on how to actually make these cupcakes the way you are supposed to because once things got  hectic they forgot to take pictures.  So I can only take you to this point in the process.  Sometimes half a job is best otherwise I know my camera would have been covered in icing.

Finally the rejects.  They were given various names such as, Count Quackulla, Quacka Clause, Mr. Quackers, Elvis Quackly, etc.