Toast with Cheese and Jam

written by cookeatlove on November 23, 2010 in Blogalicious Thoughts and Featured Articles with 5 comments

Okay this post is a little risky mostly because it has to do with how I have been feeling lately.  A bit of heart ache, a bit of regret, and bit of closure and ton of love.  It is amazing what you find in your darkest hour.   So let me present to you, a comfort food that has been with me since the age of 6.  It looked much different than this photo because I used  way more cheese now than I did as a child.   Hey, there are only  4 people to share cheese with as opposed to the 6 growing up.  And I guess the perk of not crossing the border to buy “cheaper American” cheese like we did as a kid makes the cost of using too much not seem as fatal.

Get toast, grate or cut some cheese.  Toast in toaster oven then when still hot add jam.  I just couldn’t bring out the beauty of this on film, you’ll just have to trust me.