Quickest Gourmet Salad

written by cookeatlove on January 9, 2012 in Salads and Soups with 3 comments

I just made a quick salad for lunch.  It looked so pretty to me that i decided to take a photo.  I then thought to myself, “I wonder if other people realize how easy it is to make a beautiful, tasty quick salad?”  With my new intention to post more i decided to do a post that will take longer than it takes to make a restaurant quality salad.  I am also committing to fuss less over the photos and more on just getting food love out there.  Here are some things that make a salad photo and taste bud worthy.  Nuts, cheese, nice greens, fruit, light dressings and thinly sliced veggies.  So, here is my process.

1.  Candy some nuts by adding your favorite nut, or one that you have in a cupboard by adding the nuts to a non stick pan with a generous…really generous sprinkling of sugar and some sea salt.  Let that get all gooey in the pan and set aside to cool.

2.  Get some fruit from the refrigerator and slice it very thin.  I sectioned a navel orange to put in mine…that was all i had in my refrigerator.

3.  Get some cheese.  Grate it, chop it, slice it.  Whatever you like.

4.  Put some veggies in and again slice very thin.  I have a mandolin that i use and slice all salad stuff this way.

5.  Make a simple vinaigrette dressing.  Always the combo is 3 parts oil to one part vinegar.  For my salad I just juiced an orange and added the olive oil with salt and pepper.

That’s it.  Make it look like you paid 7.00 bucks for it in a restaurant.  Keep it simple…dont put big chunks of veggies in there.  Nice and streamline is the key.