How to Slice Jicama for Salad

written by cookeatlove on January 18, 2012 in Tutorials with one Comment

The root vegetable in the pic is jicama (hick- eh-mah).  I have always wanted to make a salad with it.  To me, it tastes like radish, pear, potato all at the same time. There is a nice sweetness and crunch to it.

Jicama is actually a legume, and it grows on vines that may reach 20 feet in length. The vines hug the ground, ending in tubers that may grow up to 50 pounds in size, but most jicama roots sent to the grocery store are approximately three to four pounds. Before eating, the coarse brown outer layer of the jicama should be peeled to reveal the white inside.

Jicama is a great source of vitamin c and is fat free—making it a superb on-the-go snack.  It hails from Mexico and South America and is a cousin to the sweet potato.   Jicama is a street food in its native habitat, sold with a squeeze of lime and a shake of chili powder.

I could go on and on but you can google this delectable vegetable.  It is sold in most grocery stores.  You will find it off in a corner somewhere with the fennel, chili peppers, kaffir lime leaves and any other vegetable we never hear about.  I got mine at Safeway and picked up some fennel while i was at it.  I wanted to make a salad so I picked up some oranges and cucumber as well.

If you ever watch the show  ‘Chopped’, this vegetable always seems to make it into the mystery basket and that is where my interest was piqued.  My go to cook book for pretty much anything cooking related is ‘La Varenne Pratique’ by Anne Willan.  I use it like the Holy Bible of cooking.  Whenever I have a question about anything, this is where i go.  So…how to cut Jicama.

Step one.  You must remove the outer waxy exterior.  I just used a vegetable peeler.

Step 2.  Cut the jicama in half length wise so you have two halves.

Step 3.  Slice the Jicama about 1/8 of an inch thick.

Step 4.  Slice the slices again, about 1/8 of an inch into a julienne.  Use a serrated knife, it works best on this veggie.

This is how I prepare Jicama for salad.  See, ready for the salad bowl.

See next post for my salad.