What is your cooking style?

written by cookeatlove on June 12, 2012 in Blogalicious Thoughts with 2 comments

Yesterday as I was making Shepard’s pie, I took a moment to look at the state of my kitchen. I thought, these are the pics you don’t see on food blogs. Some people are very methodical and slow and peaceful when they cook. I love that. I want to be that. But in truth, I am not. I begin that way, taking my time, getting ingredients ready, trying to be calm and serene, but deep down, I know I am pretending. Within 5-10 min of that zen state I feel like I’m in a candy scramble crazily leaping everywhere. Food is flying, spoons getting thrown in the sink from 5 feet away, usually I am covered with something. I’m grabbing a new spoon, new spatula, new knife every few minutes. I am seriously high, I could probably gash myself and not even notice.

What happened on Shepard’s pie night was a thought came into my head in the middle of somewhat mundane cooking experience. I decided to pipe the potatoes on to make it look pretty. I knew that I needed to replace my icing bag and huge star tip that went down the garberator. The star tip is important because it is big enough to push mashed potatoes through and deal with the odd lump. Reason was speaking to me, “just forget it this time…go replace your needed items…just put the mashed potatoes on top”. But then voice of the 4 star Michelin chef said..”your not going to just scoop them on there are you?Think about presentation”. I went with the chef and began 15 minutes of insanity.



To make the potatoes fine enough to go through my “not fit for potatoes” icing bag, they needed to be strained through something. I didn’t think to use a normal strainer so I grabbed the pasta strainer and began mushing the mashed potatoes through it. This resulted in squirrelly strings of potato hanging out every which way and falling into a new bowl I had brought out but more on the counter. This process, when all finished resulted in about 1/2 the potatoes I started with. Then, they needed to be squeezed into this pastry contraption that I never use but was a thoughtful gift from someone. What resulted while piping was a shotty looking job with random squiggles, lines and….flower/ bud like peaks dotted all over it.


I was sweating and out of breath by the time it was done, which brings us back to the beginning of my story, the state of my kitchen. Why did I share this? I don’t know. I offer no advice, no tips, it would be hypocritical of me given my honesty. I think, just spin through life as you will and if your food gets really good, hire a sous chef.