Hello!  My name is Billie-Jean, you can call me BJ.  I am a lover of food.  All kinds of food.  I love to eat, but especially love to cook.  I also love cook books and recipes and any kitchen gadget I can get my hands on!

This website is dedicated to cooking, learning and inspiring.  It will cover topics such as recipes, how to’s (once i figure it out:)), food trends and my personal favorite, kitchen tools.  I hope this website will be a great resource for those that love (or even like) to cook, want make meal time great, are interested in trying, learning, open to failing in the kitchen, and finally want inspiration.  The way I figure it, everyone needs to eat and therefore, everybody needs to cook (on some level).  Why not breathe some life and love into the very thing our bodies force us to do every few hours?  EAT.  Also, it is a known fact that nothing brings people together more than food around a table.  I really want this to be a community site so please always feel free to post your comments, tips, recipes and whatever else you may have learned that day.  So Ladies and Gentlemen…Let us cook!

Please feel free to email me at (Click Here) with any recipes, comments, suggestions etc.  If you send me a recipe, I will make it and if it all goes well, I will feature it in the recipes section complete with pictures!!

BJ Graham

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