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    7 In 10 Believe Their Digital Items Are A Part Of Their Identity

    7 In 10 Believe Their Digital Items Are A Part Of Their Identity

    In the year 2023, technology has become an integral part of our existence.

    With great technological advancements, there has come a reality beyond the physical whereby individuals can exist and converse virtually through their digital items. Due to its growing prevalence, decided to investigate how integrated individuals have become with their digital items and explore why this may be.

    Key Findings

    • 67% of Americans claim their digital identity is important; for Millennials, that number rose to 80%.
    • 74% believe their digital items are a part of who they are.
    • More than half (56%) believe the metaverse is an opportunity to reinvent themselves.
    • 87% say that their digital items remind them of important moments in their lives.
    • 90% stated that the internet has been essential for them during the pandemic.
    • 52% of Americans buy, sell, and trade digital items.
    • 48% said they are more likely to buy digital land because it is more affordable and/or attainable than physical property.

    Jonathan Merry, CEO of, commented:

    “We live in exciting times. Before our very eyes, people are transitioning to the digital space, valuing it almost as much as the physical world. This leads to the generation of fertile ground not only for the development of new technologies but also for the development of new markets and investment opportunities.”

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