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    Why Food Is The New Rock and Roll

    Why Food Is The New Rock and Roll

    When we think about the trends relating to popular culture, it’s usually music that’s at the top of the pile.

    But over the last decade or so, there’s been a change of the guards, and while musicians are not necessarily out, it’s entrepreneurial attitudes that are in, especially in specific sectors like food.

    Food is more than just something we consume, it’s something we enjoy, celebrate, and express ourselves with. So why is food the new rock and roll?

    It’s a Way to Bond (and Rebel)

    If you are playing music in your business location you will see how people bond over certain music and the same applies to food. Food is far more linked with rock and roll and music these days than ever before. Food is the gateway to a new culture, and much like music, it is something that can instantly turn someone on to a whole new way of thinking and living. A great example is the modern culture of veganism, but also the even more controversial aspects of food that people are trying to bring into the mainstream. The carnivore diet has been gaining a lot of traction over the last few years, not just because people are rebelling against a vegan way of life, but because a lot of people swear that their health issues cleared up as soon as they started the carnivore diet. Whatever your opinion of the carnivore diet is, the fact is there are so many different subsections of food, just like music, and we all need to stick to the one that we feel an affinity with.

    It’s Challenging the Status Quo

    Food is rebellion like music was in the sixties. When people mix and match different flavors and styles, they’re always going to stand out and make a difference, and this is why we see those chefs and personalities who make an instant connection with their audience. Anthony Bourdain was a fantastic example of a rock and roll chef. He transcended boundaries, and he influenced more people than he could ever realize.

    Food lovers are always looking to stand out and make a difference, not just those who make the food. Food becomes an act of expression rather than passive consumption.

    It Inspires

    Music has inspired people not just to go into music, but into education or to become their own rock star within their community. And we have to remember that food does the same thing. It becomes a major source of inspiration because of how it brings people together, inspires creativity, and makes a statement! And the great thing is, we can all do something experimental in the kitchen. In life, we can’t always feel like we can express ourselves properly, and as much of a shame as this is, when we find something that instantly connects with our heart and soul, much like music, cooking or baking is that outlet for so many.

    For this reason alone, food is not just something that you sit down to consume, but it becomes a part of your life, a part of how you express yourself and is undoubtedly far more impactful in the modern world than music! So whether you are opening a store or restaurant or you want to get more creative, food is undoubtedly the thing that connects us all!

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    Why Food Is The New …

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